The bellicon Home Trainer Team

Jeremy S.

“Looking forward to bouncing with you!”

Remy D.

“Exercising from ‘the inside out’, being in the moment, being relaxed. Even at high speed and with strength exercises, rebounding gives you quality of life and fitness results in the long term. (Remy D.).”


“If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me”

Daisy Miller


Lenka Keehnen

“Give your life event more balance! Give your life even more fun! Give your life some happy bouncing moments and get that heart rate up!”

Jill Shannon

“Find your balance, bounce soft, and feel good!”

Fayth Caruso

“Bounce through life with balance, joy, confidence, and strength. A smile goes a long way.”

Beran G.

“You need to work, to reach your goals!”

Daniel W.

“1 device, 1000 facets!”

Jana E.

“Your body can do anything. It is your spirit that you have to convince!”

Zoe T.

“Positive vibes, positive mind, positive life!”

Sarah Rosner

“Health is not about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain.”

Peter L.

“bellicon – the bounce is what counts”

Rafaela Ming

“bellicon® gives joy!”

Christina Setz

“The great lies in the simple.”

Josy F.

“There will be miracles here.”

Marie Stich

“Change happens through movement and movement heals. ... MOVE TO BALANCE ;)”

Stephanie Perry

“We only have one body, so let’s take care of it and make it look good!”

Michael S.

“Mindfulness meets fun and joy.”

Tiziana Castiglioni

“Moving makes life better and happier: let’s MOVE together!”

Tracy Long

“"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." -Dalai Lama”

Julia vK

“You can only experience the feeling of flying when you jump.”

Kerstin Fourate


Kyle Leland

“I love the challenge and unique bellicon training!”

Margaret Ulland

“I'm here to help you find ways to achieve your fitness goals!”

Karen-Nicole Stange

“Bouncing, fit with fun, without limits!”

Antonia W.

“„Flummi“ is going active – from a couch potato to a movement optimist.”

Julia B.

“A week without bellicon® - impossible!”

Patricio E.

“Each training brings you a little closer to your goal.”

Tara G.

“Whether old or young, big or small - the bellicon® is suitable for everyone.”

Monica G.

“Give yourself a moment of rest and you will understand how foolish you rushed around.”

Clarissa B.

“Fall in Love with taking care of your body.”

Christian K.

“To move means to develop.”

Dana Füssinger

“Small changes add up to big results!”

Barbara K.

“Jumping is happiness!”

Ben A.

“There is nothing more fulfilling than working with your own body on the bellicon® and thus achieving more vitality and joy in life.”

Jenna Zaffino

“Nurture - Your Contribution, Animate - Your Experience, Express - Your Individuality.”

Luca Ellbrück

“Fall in love with taking care of your body.”

Kim D.

“"Handle, als wäre Scheitern unmöglich."”

Theresa M.

“Der Unterschied zwischen einem Berg und einem Hügel liegt in der Perspektive - immer 110%”

Dustin Ripkens

“Be who you are not who the world wants you to be.”

Nadine A.

“The combination of music, dance and bellicon® makes it so special!”