Here’s at bellicon, we believe that nothing beats the gift of fitness and health!

So, in honor of Father’s Day, we’ve wrapped up a little fitness present for Dad that’s fun, energizing and one that he can do all year round to keep heathy and fit.

It’s a 5 minute workout called, “3 Moves for Dad.” Our Master Trainer, Fayth, will lead him through three simple moves that are quick, effective and fun!

5 minutes for 3 moves:

Healthy Bouncing - to get some cardio pumping and the lymphatic system flowing.
Single Leg Balance - to improve balance and strengthen leg muscles.
Back Stretch - loosens muscles that can get tight from too much sitting behind a desk or the wheel of a car.
Make it even more fun by joining Dad for his Father’s Day fitness break.

We wish a happy Father’s Day to all the bouncing Dads out there from the bellicon family!