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Bounce safe, bounce high! All you need is a T-bar!



If you need a little help with balance or you want to have a power workout while rebounding, well …you can catch two birds with one stone now with two mini-trampoline models offered by bellicon.

Try the bellicon® Plus or the bellicon® Jumping Fitness. Both these models come equipped with a T-bar, perfect to provide you with additional stability and allowing you to bounce higher with more power.

As shown by Fayth in this “Jungle T-bar Bounce” workout video, using the T-bar is simple: make sure the T-bar is placed elbow high, then just place your finger tips on it and start bouncing.

Whatever bounce you are doing, avoid gripping the bar: gripping will shift all your weight towards the bar and will increase the risk of the bellicon to trip over.

See! It is amazing what just two finger tips on the T-bar can get you to!

Any possibility of a T-bar that can be added on to a non-T-bar bellicon model (i.e., anything other than the bellicon plus or jumping fitness)?  I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in buying a T-bar as an accessory to add to the bellicon that they already have (I know I am)!

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