For some of us winter is already here, and those greens of our preferred golf course are just a nice memory, a dream ready to become true again only in a few months.

No doubt this year the weather allowed us a long run putting those balls: we have perfectioned that swing giving us the best stroke and we are now afraid to lose them all.

Some of us will continue to hit a ball at an indoor driving range, but some of us can try a new way to stay fit for golf…while having a lot of fun at the same time too.

Keeping our oblique and rotator cuff muscles strong will prove very important to maintain – and most likely improve - our swing and stroke. It is also true that as Golfers we tend to have a dominant side, a side which is stronger than the other. Training on the bellicon allows us to evenly work our sides, thus giving us the best posture to power all our strokes.