Our dear friend Amanda, an American living in Germany, has been supporting our marketing team for quite some time now. The agency where she works has provided their employees with a range of bellicon rebounders that have become an integral part of their office, and she has enjoyed the occasional bellicon workout over the last two years.

Recently she came to us with an idea: a bellicon "Fit in 50 Days Challenge". A workout challenge to complete one bellicon Home workout every day for 50 days. The goal is clear: improve your fitness condition through regular training on the bellicon!

Follow this new workout plan on bellicon Home with Amanda as she takes a closer look at how her favorite fitness machine - the bellicon rebounder – affects her overall health and fitness. We are excited and look forward to joining Amanda on her experiment. Learn more about her progress here.

Click here to start the bellicon Fit in 50 Days Challenge! https://video.be360.com/plans/5183