Any time you push open a door, wash a wine glass or even wash your hair, your chest muscles are working, so it's important to keep them strong for all your daily activities.

In fact strong pecs encourage everyone to stand tall, and particularly for guys… to show off sculpted muscles, those famous six packs. But it is also true for women: strong pecs add height to the chest wall, lifting otherwise droopy breasts.

Be careful, however. Strengthening the chest at the expense of other upper body muscles can leave you slouched forward. Tight pec muscles may give you the appearance of a rounded back.
Rebounding on the bellicon is a perfect way to train your chest muscles making sure you get a full body workout which will improve your overall posture and strengthen all muscles.

Follow Remy D. in this video; 4 exercises that in less than 20 minutes will get your pecs to a new dimension!