Have you ever tried a squat circuit? It's a great workout to strengthen your quads and glutes so that they will better support you in all those movements requiring extra effort and power from your legs.

The simple movement of bending down to pick up something can be hard and painful if not done in the correct way. The squat position is the way to do it.

But not everyone knows how to squat correctly: here are a few basic rules. Remember to bend the knees so that they stay parallel to hips and ankles, then send the hips back towards the heels, and you are ready to squat.

There are many different squat movements: all of them involve a great engagement of the quads and of the glutes.

In today's video Remy is showing us 4 different squats, each of them also using gravity at its best: start with a jump squat, followed by a squat with leg abduction and a half squat bounce around the mat, and finish with a lunge squat.

Enjoy! https://video.be360.com/videos/220