Did you know rebounding will help you gain balance and coordination? A lot?

Due to the pliable surface of the mat, balance and coordination are trained exceptionally well on the bellicon.
The ability to walk and stand securely at any age can be significantly improved while rebounding. In fact, while exercising on the bellicon one has to constantly adapt to vibrations as well as height, holding a steady posture, and find good coordination in the movements of arms and legs to achieve a full body workout.
Very often balance disorders, muscle weakness and coordination disorders are the cause for a fall, especially in older age.

On top of balancing, training on the bellicon also improves orientation skills and use of rhythm. Building these skills has particularly positive effects on everyday motor skills.

Remy shows us exercises which require a strong focus, and which constantly become more and more challenging. https://video.be360.com/plans/6220