Try the new high intensity training on bellicon.

Are you looking for a new workout on your bellicon, something that will get your heart to an intense pumping and demand a lot of cardio endurance? Than bellicon Swissjump is for you.

Swissjump is a 45 minute fast-paced workout that utilizes the bellicon t-bar and popular music with a strong beat. You will definitely burn calories during this cardio-based dance workout.

We recommend the use of extra-strong bungees which will allow you to stay synchronized. Otherwise feel free to find your own beat.

We are so excited to have our wonderful trainer Jeremy back with us; he has been a busy fellow lately, and he has absolutely loved the idea to… “Swissjump" back in for this first video of his Swissjump series!
Also, we are happy to offer you a longer video, a full 45 minutes class. Many of you have been asking for longer videos and here it is!