…and the twist is called rebounding on the bellicon!

Yoga allows our body to relax, find flexibility, and stretch those muscles generally so tight during our day to day life.

Yoga on the pliable surface of the bellicon requires stronger engagement of the muscles to maintain the right posture, as well as higher concentration levels to find proper balance. A downward facing dog or a warrior pose will feel much more challenging and enduring when done on the bellicon.

Last but not least, alternating pure yoga movements to rebounding will allow to add some healthy cardio activity to the routine, which is generally missing in a regular yoga workout.
With today video we are very happy to introduce our trainer Jill: she is a super talented yoga teacher as well as a certified yoga trainer.

Follow Jill in this new video series: find your balance, bounce soft, and feel good…namaste! https://video.be360.com/videos/250