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Hello,  I am hoping to find the missing Chromecast button that should be installed on each workout.  Bellicon has amazing workouts, but I am unable to see them on my phone.   Please help me.  Thanks! 

Hi everyone! The solution I found was to use Silk on Fire TV, the browser on Amazon Prime. It works really well!

I just got chromecast but I can’t find the casting button for the bell icon videos...does it work? I can’t tell from previous replies. Thank you so much!

I don't see the button. .. edit .. chrome changed sth. - now it works.

Thank you for replying, I am reassured that a) is not just me, and b) it will be sorted. Soon, please, I cant use the videos otherwise, and we all want to get on with our January reboot. 

*cast* button! 

Me too. The videos used to have a cast button, and now, as far as I can see, don't. This renders them useless!  Sorry I can't help but maybe somebody can advise? 

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