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Is there a problem with the server? Constant interruptions only with be360 videos 

Just try to empty your CACHE. I had the same problem and after having cleared my Cache all of the videos are working well again no matter at which time I play them.

Hi, I have this problem in France to night, and you ??? Have you constant interruptions ???[:13:] (May 1, 2018 / 09:26 pm. France / Europe)

I am also having same issues.  I was able to jump yesterday and several days previous as I am trying the 50 day challenge. The videos will not play.  I also am using an iPad but have never had any issues.  Please help

A bit concerned, see posts from 4 months ago up until a month ago about the same issues I'm having.  I just received my Bellicon Rebounder on Tuesday.  I tried working out to videos Thursday and Friday morning and they all kept stopping at some point during each video (I tried 3 videos).  The videos never resumed, I got to the point where I just listened to music and did my own thing (which isn't bad), however for the price of the Bellicon I was looking forward to some workout variations with the videos.  HELP Bellicon!

Having the same problem!

I am also having issues with this. The videos I selected played yesterday but today I can't get any to load. I've tried several videos at this point and have been unable to play any. This also means I can't follow my plan for today. 

I had to restart my computer 2 times and now finally it's working again. I have a screenshot of the issue that I was encountering but hopefully it's fully resolved!

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