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We just rebranded the whole site from be360 to "bellicon Home"!! Also, we just introduced some cool new features to the platform. We improved the tracking of your workouts, made the logging in and the staying logged in process easier, and you can now share your achievements of having completed a workout with your friends - either directly on Facebook or via email! We love it - hope you do too. Happy bouncing (and sharing).

Lovely to find the video page has new features and a better layout, thank you!

Can we chromecast yet.?

Hi Felix,

For when you next upgrade the platform, could I make a couple of requests?  

1.  Could you order the achievement badges more meaningfully, for example by the date they are obtained; or by grouping different categories of achievement together?  Possibly with the date when they were awarded?  

2.  The Custom Plans page is a really good idea, but at present it always tells me it needs more information, so it doesn't actually work.  (I use Safari if that makes any difference though I can't imagine it would)

Many thanks for the be360 thing, it is the only home work-out thing I have ever done, and I am finding it very enjoyable  Far more focused than free-bouncing.


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