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Bellicon for a 1/2 marathon



Hi- just curious if anyone has tried to use the Bellicon for 1/2 marathon training and what program you might follow? My only time to exercise is early AM (like 4:30am!) and it's super cold and super dark at that time, so I'm a bit scared to go outside to get my miles in. I'm wondering if there's a way I could use the Bellicon instead, or if that won't really mimic what it will be like in the actual race. I don't care about how long it takes me to complete it- although I'd like to try to be under 2 hours and 30 minutes (my best time ever was 1 hour 58 mins so I feel like 2:30 is doable). Thanks!

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I would love a 30-35 minute workout with lots of variety of moves like Fayth's earlier group Bellicon video, with front-back, side-to-side, the Jane Fonda move, knee lifts, high bounces with bottom kicks etc. There was so much variety that is really stayed fun even though I was sweating

I never quite trained for anything much longer 13 kms before my knees packed it in, but one thing I noticed that DRAMATICALLY improved my abilities while I was still running was incorporating hill training (sprints) and just general runs with hill segments in it to my routines. Jeremy has some pretty aggressive cardio/power type of vids, (anything explosive (plyo) or HIIT will help with this), and I think Remy has some leg strengthening videos on here which will probably help.  

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