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Group Class Workout with Fayth Caruso



Join in on our be360 group class workout. Begin with a warm up, and move through a well-rounded full body workout.

A stretch for the arms towards the end would be helpful.

Great session with Fayth  !  [:03:][:03:][:06:]

The introduction says that this is a 50 MINUTE CHALLENGE but the workout is actually just over 35 MINUTES. It is one of my favourites!

Love this workout! Faith is excellent! Easy to follow! [:01:]

Nice and easy workout just wish there were some longer and more intense videos...........please! :)

eek. i was doing the stretches and i LOST it.  NOW MY BOUNCES DONT COUNT.SOB

I love the way Fayth reminds you to breathe, hold your core, squeeze the glutes, etc throughout the routine, not just in the beginning.  Even seasoned athletes let these things go when focusing on other areas.  Thanks Fayth!

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