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Group Class Workout with Fayth Caruso



Join in on our be360 group class workout. Begin with a warm up, and move through a well-rounded full body workout.

It's definitely my FAVORITE workout :-) So much fun :-) Thank you Fayth!

Love it!

always one of my favs!!!!!

Great and fund workout for a rainy Sunday afternoon, love it!

I always enjoy Faith's workouts! She helped me stay motivated over 2 years ago as i began my weight loss journey! Bellicon saved me! 100 lbs off in 10 months, thank you Fayth! You keep me on track during every workout you lead!

I just finished this group work-out video by Fayth--and I've already decided this video is one of my VERY FAVORITES (can that be a new category?!). I absolutely LOVED it! I live where traveling to a gym is too far away and there aren't any rebounder group classes anyway, so I've been doing my exercise routine at-home with the online Bellicon home videos since Spring 2017 (and now its Spring 2018). Now, I actually prefer working-out at home.  But this particular work-out video really is more-fun with other classmates joining in---you can see other students demonstrating different activity levels, get ideas for different clothing styles, its like being with a group of "friends" without leaving your home!  And this 1/2 hour is a full-body work-out with cardio, strength and stretching. I have to say that Fayth is one of the very best instructors too & fun to watch-- she's incredibly strong but bounces so quickly & effortlessly like a butterfly! I hope this 1/2 hour will fly by for you too! [:06:]

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