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Turkey Burn Thanksgiving Workout



Burn off your Turkey Day dinner with this workout.


Fayth you are awesome! I just love your energy and light heartedness - it just makes me smile and laugh and brings light into my being. Happy bouncing! Annax

I also do this workout with the Glutes' one, which takes 22 minutes all together.

After a few days away from home without any physical exercise... this workout is just perfect!!!

@Kiki, thanks for your comment - you were right about the music. We fixed it!

The music stops with about 3 minutes left. (Right at the point when she tells us to follow the music tempo!) The music is there at the beginning of the video. Otherwise, really fun! Thanks!

@Jill, you were right - it was gone - sorry about that! We just replaced it - you should be able to watch it again now!

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