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Rejuvenate Bounce at Jackson Park



Enjoy a rejuvenating, light bounce at Jackson Park in the fall in downtown Chicago. Perfect workout for all levels.

Trying so hard to enjoy, but the video keeps stopping and a message come up if I want to continue!! How do I correct this? It’s happening every couple of minutes!

Thank you Fayth is so fun, and easy to . Very best for my neck and shoulders pain . [:01:]

Wonderful instruction and options for variations.  It was fun and easy to follow. Not too much for a newbie and I feel like I worked my body safely. 

brilliant trainer, so safe and skilled, really appreciate it

Nice video. Would it be possible to get a german translation?

Aaagh, this video had a really unpleasant flashing going on today 

Nice video to start my day with, 2nd day on the Bellicon, so nice relaxed pace is good! [:01:]

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