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Rejuvenate Bounce at Jackson Park



Enjoy a rejuvenating, light bounce at Jackson Park in the fall in downtown Chicago. Perfect workout for all levels.

This is my all time favourite and the outdoor autumn scene is lovely

Dear Fayth and bellicon, This was another routine that was perfect for me, but I will need to repeat them  a lot before I  move on, because my ankles are so weak. No way I can leave the mat yet. JP

This was a great video for beginners I enjoyed it 

I love the way the you remind us to check if we're in the right position or not. My shoulder's were too high and too tight and I didn't notice until you said.

Loving this... I have RA and need to get moving... Looking forward to taking control of my health.

Great bounce!  A bit of a ankle issue though ... (a bit rusted?).

Thank you!

These were my 2 very first Bellicon bouncing exercises!
OH it does soooo good!
I enjoyed it very much - cannot wait until tomorrow!
Thank you Faith![:01:]

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