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Rejuvenate Bounce at Jackson Park



Enjoy a rejuvenating, light bounce at Jackson Park in the fall in downtown Chicago. Perfect workout for all levels.

Loving this... I have RA and need to get moving... Looking forward to taking control of my health.

Great bounce!  A bit of a ankle issue though ... (a bit rusted?).

Thank you!

These were my 2 very first Bellicon bouncing exercises!
OH it does soooo good!
I enjoyed it very much - cannot wait until tomorrow!
Thank you Faith![:01:]

très beau parc , video relaxante [:02:]
beautiful park, relaxing video

Hey Fayth. This is the second day that I am training with the Bellicon, and I love it so far. I feel my muscles, especially in my legs.

I love it but find I might have stick to keeping feet on mat while bouncing as bothers neck and back and knees some when I try to jump lifting off mat. Hopefully in time it won’t bother me. Only second day.

Nice after a cardio workout !!!! Thank you very much 

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