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Intro to Bounce at Clarke House Park



Very simple but very effective!

Great workout, easy to follow instructions.

Excellent ! Thanks Faith.

This should be the video that is enclosed when purchasing a bellicon. And instructions on how to get to this page. Loved it and the instructor is obviously a professional with a very pleasant attitude that makes you feel good even if you aren't keeping up with her.

This is the 2nd video I've tried to view and use my Bellicon to. Both have frozen about midway. My internet connection is fine. Is there a recommended browser to view these. I'm pretty frustrated at this point because I haven't been able to get through a full video yet. Edit: I just tried to fast forward and it still doesn't work.

Sehr schade, dass mein Englisch nicht so perfekt ist, dass ich was davon verstehe. Man sieht zwar zu, versteht aber nix....! 

I have had my Bellicon for a few months - and
use it daily- whether following one of your videos, bouncing to music, or working out while watching a TV show. 

This Intro to Bounce  is such a wonderful introductory video, and like so many bouncers, I am absolutely a Fayth fan!  I no longer feel much of a challenge getting through the video, except for a short period during her jumping jacks!  I remember how excited I felt the first time I got through the set!  Still, I very much appreciate Fayth's reminders to keep good form!  It is an excellent video!

As a suggestion, I hope Bellicon adds a search filter for Level (4,5,6) to use when looking for videos.  Thank you for a great product and wonderful video support!

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