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Intro to Bounce at Clarke House Park



I just bought a bellicon over the weekend and at first,I didn't think I needed any instructional videos to use the bellicon. But after a few days of "just bouncing" on it, I decided to check out the videos. I'm really glad I did! Following the video to exercise does make a difference and it's not so monotonous! Thank you, Fayth. I look forward to my next video work-out with you!

Es ist ein sehr feines Video, das leider Probleme beim Laden hat. Es unterbricht immer wieder. Versuche jetzt die Qualität am Rad zu reduzieren.
Thanks for this workout with very clear instructions that help for every other workout too. Even to take care with the right way to stand on the bellicon to keep my knees in correkt possition. If not it's possible to get pain in the knees, as it happens with me, if I am not concentrated enough.
Another favorit for me. [:01:]

Hi; I love the intro to bellicon video. I have back problems as well as asthma. I am so looking forward to become more healthy and loose weight

I love these simply easy but challenging moves [:01:]  The video had no problem loading. Thank you Fayth!!!

I have just received my Bellicon..!! I previously had a sprung trampoline.. Wow..!! It is a completely different feeling.. Fayth does an amazing job of explaining every bit of the excercise to make sure you get the best from the bouncer making sure you use your body weight & that core..!! I am so thrilled I have found this form of excercise ..!! It is going to change my life..!! [:01:]

Thank you, exercices are very well explained and therefore easy to follow, really relaxing [:01:]

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