Relaxation Time



Enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation time on your bellicon. This is a great video to do after any workout to cool down or just on it's own if you need to relax.

Electric was out for 3 days needed to relax. Thank you.

Such a relaxing workout! Feels great and only 20 minutes! 

Aaahhhh, perfect! Thank you ☺

This was my first video!  It was perfect for my first bounce class. It appeared that you bounced much deeper and higher than I could.  Is this due to the kind of Bellicon you are are using?  I have the 'strong' one.  

It's a wonderful plan! I really enjoyed it! Not heavy, not limp, just perfect!
Thanks Faith!

very professionally! Thank you! [:01:]

Absolutely loved this one! It was a perfect workout to start the morning. Thanks :)

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