Relaxation Time



Enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation time on your bellicon. This is a great video to do after any workout to cool down or just on it's own if you need to relax.

This was a really good workout to due after not feeling well for a few days.  It was just what i needed.
Thank you

It was a few weeks I didn't bounced...this relaxation time session is very good to restart a plan. thanks for the wonderfull guidance! 

I really appreciate bouncing with you and the routines you create.  The guidance is excellent, and your presence so vivid that it really is as if you are in the room with me.  In fact, I bow to you at the end, you feel so present.  Thank you.  

Sehr schönes Workout, wenn man sich energielos fühlt. Gibt Kraft und Entspannung zugleich. Auch die Art der Anleitung ist angenehm natürlich und unaufgeregt.

Video ist bei etwas über 5 Minuten abgebrochen. Fortsetzung leider nicht möglich.

Thank you great workout, I love it. Good to be reminded of the basics.

Wunderbares Workout, gefällt mir sehr gut. Super auch die Erinnerungen an die Grundregeln.

thanks Fayth, beautiful video. And thanks for talking so much and reminding us of the principles! I love that![:01:]

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