Relaxation Time



Enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation time on your bellicon. This is a great video to do after any workout to cool down or just on it's own if you need to relax.

It's a wonderful plan! I really enjoyed it! Not heavy, not limp, just perfect!
Thanks Faith!

very professionally! Thank you! [:01:]

Absolutely loved this one! It was a perfect workout to start the morning. Thanks :)

Great instruction - perfect for afternoon wake  - up.  Thanks 

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Bonjour </font>
<font style="vertical-align: inherit;">En français ce serait mieux</font>

I like the workout but streaming was awful... I have fast internet, on other sites it works well therefore it wasn't that relaxing, but normally would have enjoyed it

many thanks Fayth, for another relaxing bounce and for always reminding me to breath and smile!
always helps me to take some time out, even on extremely stressful days.  [:01:]

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