Balance Challenge



Challenge your balance and coordination at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago.

Just right! thank you.

very nice thank you !!

This was the first one I had trouble with, even after all the cardio and balancing workouts I've done on here. My knees want to give out when hopping to one leg. I have to either straighten my leg completely to give it stability or do more of a low stepping instead of jumping. I did use the t-bar a few times to keep me balanced while straightening the leg more. I'm not sure what way I should do it though - straighten the leg for more stability or not "jump" and do a simpler stepping? What does Bellicon recommend? Thanks. 

Faith makes lookin' over the shoulder so easy--but, man--it threw me off a bit. Great workout.

i like this sequence to incorporate into a 50 min workout

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