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Strengthening Posture



This excellent, medium-intensity cardio workout includes plenty of exercises designed to improve your posture and body alignment. Filmed in front of Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain and led by one of be360’s founders, Fayth Caruso.

Faiythe   is the best, love this workout !

Loved this!  I too have issues with one hip not being where it should and have been told to strengthen the gluteus medius.  Just an hour after the video and I can tell it got a good workout.  Thanks for explaining how to stand in order to activate that muscle.  Also, do you have a plan on here that focuses on building up the gluteus medius, or just spending time on the Bellicon does that?  Thanks!

This is my favorite workout right now! I love workouts that work on Posture.

Thanks Fayth. Great workout. 

Beautiful setting, great workout!

great! thank you Fathy!! [:06:]

really great!

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