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Strengthening Posture



This excellent, medium-intensity cardio workout includes plenty of exercises designed to improve your posture and body alignment. Filmed in front of Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain and led by one of be360’s founders, Fayth Caruso.

It started to fast for me. I almost fell from the bellicon. With some slower warm up, I guess it would be nice with me. Besides some nice excercises. [:11:]

Fun. Fayth is great!![:01:]

what size bellicon is that

This workout kept stopping for several seconds over and over again.  I did not think I would ever finish.  May ask that Tech review for quality.  Early in the video, it also digitally gliches.  Thanks - Sam Smith

Awesome workout, Fayth! So fun that it was in front of the Buckingham Fountain!

I took this one twice. Much better second time around. I need more work. However; nice workout.[:01:]

Love this! 

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