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Relaxing on the Beach



There is no better place to relax then with a bellicon by the beach! Enjoy an easy relaxation session. Great workout for the morning, middle of the day, or the evening to wind down.

So fun and relaxing!

Wonderfully relaxing!

Ich musste das Video 5 Mal abspielen, bis ich zum nächsten Video im Trainingsplan kam. Nicht schön.

Loved this one! As always! I'm in the ATL area!! (transplant for 20+years) NY is my home - still in me heart! ;)

Great ! Thank you Fayth !

Very nice one. Perfekt for evenings. Thank you. [:01:]

Now that was a nice one again!  I found the spider-like movement REALLY cool (the one you called "silly.looking"), because it does open the chest and releases just about everything! The perfect exercise for the evening! :-)

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