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Relaxing on the Beach



There is no better place to relax then with a bellicon by the beach! Enjoy an easy relaxation session. Great workout for the morning, middle of the day, or the evening to wind down.

Wonderfully relaxing!

Ich musste das Video 5 Mal abspielen, bis ich zum nächsten Video im Trainingsplan kam. Nicht schön.

Loved this one! As always! I'm in the ATL area!! (transplant for 20+years) NY is my home - still in me heart! ;)

Great ! Thank you Fayth !

Very nice one. Perfekt for evenings. Thank you. [:01:]

Now that was a nice one again!  I found the spider-like movement REALLY cool (the one you called "silly.looking"), because it does open the chest and releases just about everything! The perfect exercise for the evening! :-)

FAYTH ROCKS ! [:01:]

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