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Bouncing Beach Workout



Bounce by the beach in Chicago. This is a well rounded workout that begins with some light cardio and balance work and progresses into stretching.

Great warmup for the body!

Lovely routine, but it would be easier to 'find the beat' if there was real proper music, not this generic muzak.  

Fay is great [:01:]

Love this workout, love Fayth and the music! I think I burned more than 48 calories a good sweat going! Thanks for all you do Fayth!

I enjoyed this workout at the beach, although it's fall, it felt like summer. Thanks!

Definitely for beginners.  Music got annoying.

This was a very fun workout, loved it!! but I noticed that is shows not many calories burned for 20 minutes. My goal is to burn from 300-500 on my cardio days.

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