Sunshine Bounce



I love it!! 
Simple moves for beginners. 
More of a level 4 compared to the other 6.

Thank you Faye. I love exercising with you in the mornings!

Thanks, Fayth. I love your videos.

I love this one... nice and smooth with little cardio. I do it with 1 kg of weight. :-)

This video froze about halfway through and now it won't play for me at all. I don't seem to be able to skip it to continue with the plan. Any suggestions?

Excellent workout!

It is  fall, it is cold and wet and dark outside (at least here in Germany) - so what a perfect way to start the day with a sunshine easy breezy workout to bounce the gray away and take the happy sunshine bouncing mood with me into the day [:11:] Thank you Fayth, you made my day!!

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