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Stretching in the Sun



Stretch it out with Fayth! If you have neck problems we recommend placing a towel or small cushion under your head for comfort.

Hey..!! So nice to get stretching ..!!

great love Fayth

Great gentle work out with Fayth.  

loved this for my final stretch. these videos are amazing!

Super exercise!  Love it! So much better than on the floor! Thanx, for the great videos. Great fun!

That was a great stretch workout to do to make a break in between 2 Weight Loss workout series. Merci Faith!!!

This stretching routine was sooooo good.  I am excited about all of the videos in 360Home.  I am pretty sure that my bellicon will not end up stored away in a closet with all of these very instructive videos to choose from.  Thank you!

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