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MINDFUL MOVE: Yoga for Core Integration



In our core class we will focus on exercises that draw strength into the center of your body, so that you can better direct movement and power to your periphery, protecting your body from injury.

Thank you Tracy. I did this session yesterday followed by another vidéo and for the first time in a very long time i felt tired, i feel what was to be tired and i fell  asleep! No need pills for sleeping. This vidéo will be part of my daily Work out.
Carole L.

Thank you Tracy, Because of you this is one of my practice I perform every another day and I can feel an improvement in mind and body.

I love, love, ❤️ all your videos Tracy. Thank you so much to offer  this workout (especially the yoga ones)  which have been help me to get healthier and stronger than before. Great job

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