Athletic Drills



This fast paced full body workout will challenge your endurance and strength. In the video, you will be doing repetitive movements that will burn out various muscle groups.

Great Workout!  I not only love the workout but love how you show different modifications.  Thank you!

What a hoot!  Always love a Sarah workout - you keep pushing us and I'll join you every time. Loved the length and the intensity - I'm really feeling it.  Keep up the fire!

Sarah - another great one! YAY! Thanks!

Super duper 60 year old body kept up minus a beat or 2...and then I added 15 minutes of more abs on my own music ! Thank you  much !!

Loved loved this so much moves easy to follow I sometimes struggle with more complicated moves but this was perfect my new favourite thank you Sally

I hope that there will be some more gentle workouts created for those of us who want to be more gentle with our bodies. 

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