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Soft Bounce, Hard Core



Combining cardio and bodyweight strength moves is the perfect blend for your weight loss journey.

Sweet and sweat, funny full workout !

Excellent workout!!! Dripping in sweat

[:02:] What a great workout.  One of my favorites now.  Was searching for a good core workout but also wanted to work my legs.  Did not have time to do two separate  exercise routines so I chose this one and thought I would do a leg work out tonight. No need.  This workout was perfect for core and legs.  Love it.
Perfect for my limited time and I feel so great.  

Thank you, thank you,  thank you.

Perfect balance! Love this video, thank you! 

Wow, Kyle. That was a great workout.  I loved the stretches at the end.

Thanks a lot Kyle :-) So much fun with this workout :-D

Really enjoyed. I always love lots of cardio and this didn’t disappoint! 

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