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Soft Bounce, Hard Core



Combining cardio and bodyweight strength moves is the perfect blend for your weight loss journey.

Really enjoyed the workout!  Always fun to have some new variety..
Looking forward to more[:02:]

Just what I needed!  Thank you!  I was needing some new, at a moderate pace without sacrificing quality & this was the perfect total body workout fit for me.  

Fantastic workout!!!

Sweet and sweat, funny full workout !

Excellent workout!!! Dripping in sweat

[:02:] What a great workout.  One of my favorites now.  Was searching for a good core workout but also wanted to work my legs.  Did not have time to do two separate  exercise routines so I chose this one and thought I would do a leg work out tonight. No need.  This workout was perfect for core and legs.  Love it.
Perfect for my limited time and I feel so great.  

Thank you, thank you,  thank you.

Perfect balance! Love this video, thank you! 

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