Cardio Drench



Margaret will lead a fun and energetic workout that will set your muscles and your lungs on fire. Do not worry though, you will go through simple but effective bouncing exercises and patterns that will have you burning calories while still cracking a smil

Fun work out.  Definitely a sweat

Excellent workout

A little bit difficult to follow for me, but I'm sure I' will do better next time! What a great workout :-) Thx  a lot Margaret ! 

Love both of your workouts!  Keep them coming!

Took a break from bouncing to focus on weight training, but couldn't stray too far or too long - what a great video to get back into it!  Thank you Margaret!  Great moves and great cardio.

HI Margaret, I really enjoyed this workout; however,  personally, I felt the change of movements were a little too swift for me, but I too modified for my speed (as previous poster did). Note to camera man:  way too much focus on your feet that I couldn't see what you were doing with your arms and I was missing the move.  This seems to happen quite a bit with other workouts.  Looking forward to future workouts.  You have great enthusiasm!!

loved it, thanks Margaret[:01:]

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