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Mindful Move: A Full Spectrum Yoga Sequence



In a Mindful Move class, we use The Bellicon Rebounder as a powerful prop to support you throughout your yoga practice. The Rebounder creates a perfect frame to provide a very different plane of movement than a traditional floor practice.

I loved this video, I didn't think I would as it was yoga, but now I'd like more please Tracy [:01:]

How tall are you?  I was so excited to try this but I’m 5’7 and just don’t fit onto the bellicon like you seem to.

Thank you so much for this great video!  I love that it is nicely paced & you explain each move in detail, incorporate a variety or poses & movements, & show modifications so that anyone, from beginner to advanced can enjoy incorporating this into their daily practice.  I love it! [:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:]

Thank you for this great Video. Waiting for more.

Thank you for a wonderful class!!! I sure hope there's more to come! :)

What a wonderful class ! I deeply appreciate your guidance and presence in this practice...what a fun way to enjoy the Bellicon!

Loved this one aswell tracey always so informative throughout routine,  just curious to know how it burns so many calories?

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