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Margaret's Arms + Abs Bounce



This workout is structured similarly to the standard bounce class. Margaret will lead a gentle warm-up followed by more vigorous bouncing to lift the heart rate and burn calories. Songs devoted to strengthening the arms and abdominals will serve as active

Love the energy!  Fun workout!  Thanks Margaret.  Looking forward to more from you

Really enjoyed your video thank you really new and fresh

Really enjoyed this workout, Margaret. Liked the fast pace and appreciated your education about form. The camera work is still annoying, at times, like when they focus on your feet while you are doing something with the upper body. This, too, shall pass! Look forward to future videos.

Great workout! I had to modify and take things at my own pace, but I still felt pushed. This was the most intense workout I've done in more than a year, and it was really easy to adjust, while still striving for more. Clear instructions and positive attitude made this a video I'll return to.

Wow what a little bundle of fire really enjoyed that one Margaret thank you

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