Box + Grind



Great workout! 
Boxing is generally not my genre but I truly enjoyed pushing myself and felt so much stronger by the end.
Thanks Jeremy for helping me get out of my comfort zone! 
Love having a warm-up and cool-down included in the workout. 

Another workout to add to my favourites. I like it as it is different from any other and is a great workout for the arms while still exercising legs and core. I just need some tools to organise my favourites now as I have so many to help find the one I am looking for. Pass that tip on to them that run the platform please. 

Jeremy I LOVED this!!! I used to do Body Combat 3 times a week until I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago.  Terminal diagnosis but I am still fighting fit thanks to Bellicon! 
This workout is my no.1!!

Fantastic - I did not notice, how the time passed! Thank you,

Awesome, just what my arms need! Thank you and a nice cool down. Hope you will do another boxing video.


Solid workout. Intend to use it therapeutically to clear my mind after a not-so-perfect day! So appreciate your urging us to work within our limits and always seek to do our best. Good advice for life, too! Always, thanks.

Loved it, thanks Jeremy. I love your workouts.[:01:]

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