Box + Grind



A full body workout, focusing on intense interval repetition of basic boxing moves and footwork, combined with fast footwork and cardio to shred the calories.

More like this work-out please!  This is my new favorite!  Jeremy is motivating and the work-out is fun, engaging and love the boxing.  Thank you, Jeremy![:01:]

Ahhh Jeremy 1 What great Mission Impossible  music  !! ThIs was Mission Accomplished for me !! Loved it !!
Merci !

. . . another new favorite just added!  This work-out is so fun cause its completely different than all of the other work-outs!!! And you'll sweat!  Wow, Jeremy!~ thank-you!!!

Thanks Jeremy, that was awesome, I'm sweating buckets too [:02:]

Another great (but really different) one,  Jeremy. Thank you!!

Awesome workout as usual Jeremy thank you

Thank you, I enjoyed it. More armwork involved and still strengthening the core and working on your condition. All in one in 20 min !

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