Box + Grind



A full body workout, focusing on intense interval repetition of basic boxing moves and footwork, combined with fast footwork and cardio to shred the calories.

Love, love[:01:] this workout. Are there more like it?

First I thought: boxing???? But it turned out to be my new favorite. Part two would be highly appreciated!!!!

Love Jeremy!!!! He always works me hard.  Would like to see some longer videos. 

Jeremy this was DOOOPE!  Another favorite.  Would love to see more of same, especially if we can incorporate kicks.

More like this work-out please!  This is my new favorite!  Jeremy is motivating and the work-out is fun, engaging and love the boxing.  Thank you, Jeremy![:01:]

Ahhh Jeremy 1 What great Mission Impossible  music  !! ThIs was Mission Accomplished for me !! Loved it !!
Merci !

. . . another new favorite just added!  This work-out is so fun cause its completely different than all of the other work-outs!!! And you'll sweat!  Wow, Jeremy!~ thank-you!!!

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