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Tracy's Barre + Bounce Class



This workout is “Sweet!” because in just forty-five minutes you will successfully get in both your cardiovascular AND your strength training.

I'm not sure why, but I thought this was going to be a breeze!  (ha!)  I couldn't hold most of the strength postures for even fractions long as you were.  My glutes are broken, in a good way.  Will be tuning into this class a bit more regularly, obviously I need this type of training.  

Woooooow Great Workouts!!

Soooo goood !!!!!!!!!![:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:]  Look forward to more barre and bounce  with you I love your classes!!!   Will you be doing a barre class with the t bar????  

I loved this Barre and Bounce Class!!! From the gentle flowers fast feet to the bunny tail stretch, this was a wonderful, challenging workout...adding to my favorites[:01:]

Wow Tracy, that was awesome! I did that after a very long day at 8:00pm and didn't think I had it in me. You made a very difficult class feel easy. I am sweating and my butt was burning.  Thank you so much. Keep em coming.

Tracy, l loved this class and hope to see more of this fitness genre!

This is my new favorite workout - LOVE it! Thank you Tracy.  Tails Up!

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