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Tracy's Barre + Bounce Class



This workout is “Sweet!” because in just forty-five minutes you will successfully get in both your cardiovascular AND your strength training.

Piece of cake right?  Absolutely NOT!!   I've been bouncing for awhile and this was my first barre class.  While it may look easy,  it kicked my butt so bad .  I absolutely loved it, and it was even more effective (for me) than my usual HIT workouts.  I worked up a great sweat at the 22 minute mark and this workout kept my heart pumping throughout and my glutes burning;  I'm so gonna feel this one tomorrow.  Ha ha.  Also, no crazy cardio movements that you couldn't keep up with and enough cool down/transition before proceeding into the next move.  Tracy did a great job with instructions and reminders to keep the body straight and core tight!   Any chance we may see another one that's a little shorter around 30 minutes.   

I love it when I have time for this one!

I'm not sure why, but I thought this was going to be a breeze!  (ha!)  I couldn't hold most of the strength postures for even fractions long as you were.  My glutes are broken, in a good way.  Will be tuning into this class a bit more regularly, obviously I need this type of training.  

Woooooow Great Workouts!!

Soooo goood !!!!!!!!!![:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:]  Look forward to more barre and bounce  with you I love your classes!!!   Will you be doing a barre class with the t bar????  

I loved this Barre and Bounce Class!!! From the gentle flowers fast feet to the bunny tail stretch, this was a wonderful, challenging workout...adding to my favorites[:01:]

Wow Tracy, that was awesome! I did that after a very long day at 8:00pm and didn't think I had it in me. You made a very difficult class feel easy. I am sweating and my butt was burning.  Thank you so much. Keep em coming.

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