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Tracy's Barre + Bounce Class



This workout is “Sweet!” because in just forty-five minutes you will successfully get in both your cardiovascular AND your strength training.

Amazing workout!,, Looking forward to more videos!,

Awesome workout! Challenging - I’m sore already but in a good way! Thank you Tracy for another great workout! 

I made it! A few modifications.....good workout!

First time doing one of Tracey's workouts and I love love loved it looking forward to doing more thank you from Anne in Ireland 

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Super entrainement ! J'ai vraiment souffert  !!!</font>[:01:]

Loved this. Stopped after 22 minutes cause that’s all the time I had, but I was totally sweating!  The bouncing is not as high intensity and the combo is really a pleasant mix. I hope to complete the whole video later this week. Thank you, Tracy!

Loved this!   Where did you get your play list?

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