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Build Heart Rate One Step at a Time!



Simple cardio workout that brings stepping to the rebounder world (might not be advisable for people with knee issues).

I absolutely love step aerobics, so I am so excited to be able to incorporate my rebounder in a step routine!  Thank you so much!

Bestimmt nicht für jeden Tag, aber ab und zu eine super Sache! Danke Tiziana, ich bin ganz schön ins Schwitzen gekommen [:06:] Thank you very much, Tiziana!

Grausiges Training.[:08:][:10:]

i am an older youthful over 65 bouncer.   I trying enjoy your workouts.  I find them challenging and yet easy to modify when need be.   Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and form techniques.  I enjoy bouncing to your videos.  

My knees didn't want to cooperate, so I modified the moves and stayed on the Bellicon. Really enjoyed it!

Challenging! Thanks.

So fun[:01:]

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