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In a Mindful Move class, we use The Bellicon Rebounder as a powerful prop to support you throughout your yoga practice. The Rebounder creates a perfect frame to provide a very different plane of movement than a traditional floor practice.

GREAT!!!  Tanja's clear instruction and pace makes it easy to follow by just listening, rarely having to look back at screen. Now that's an excellent yoga instructor!!  Thanks Tanja!

Love doing this yoga sequence. It wakes up my body in the mornings [:01:]

Tracy - that was perfect.  Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for this video Tracy!  I've been trying to explain to people that rebounding can be incorporated in so many more ways than just bouncing.  I'm so glad to be able to have a Yoga video available so I can better learn how to incorporate my rebounder in a variety of ways, bouncing, Barre, & Yoga!

Thank you for this video. Nice start of the day. I do think the amount of calories burnt with this video is nowhere near 162 though...

I love this! Looking forward to more videos. Thank you Tracy! 

[:11:] Wonderful!. Thank you! Would love more like this!

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