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Tiziana's Bounce Class



A calorie burning class of fun moves and new challenges!

The end of the workout is out of sync. Loved the workout, but this technical issue was very disappointing.
I experienced the same problem with the last video I streamed. Bellicon needs to pay attention to AND fix these glitches. The viewer/customer leaves the workout with a negative feeling. Very frustrating.

Great workout, but the last 5 minutes of the video are jumbled up. It wasn't like this before. Please fix it. Thanks! 

Today 7/16/19, the bounce video was corrupted with about 4.75 minutes to the end. Part of the beginning video was showing while the correct audio continued. It was very confusing.
i hope you wean fix it as it has become one of my favorite  routines.


Love Bouncing with you..... you make it a lot of fun

Thanks! Enjoyed it just as much as the first time!

Love Taziana-enthusiastic, informative , motivational

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