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Tiziana's Rejuvenating Move Class



bellicon Move is an open level class for anyone who wants a relaxing and rejuvenating workout.

lovely workout, streaming stops and starts.

Very nice work for overall body mechanics.  I would think this would be excellent for those getting back into fitness, rehabing from an injury or improving function for seniors.

Great work out. Thank you for the variety of exercises and the excellent explanations  you gave about  the body at work while we did the exercises!
I look forward to repeating this again and again!  Doing the balance exercises before and after was a real eye opener as well.  So  doing these bouncing
and coordination exercises has an immediate effect on balance and proprioception?  Wow!

Thank you!!!

I used this as my morning wake-up!  Loved it!  Perfectly balanced to use the whole body in a gentle yet very effective way.  Loved the coordination challenge; gentle & slow paced yet challenging.   Coordination is definitely an area I need to work on.  This was a great way for me to wake up my body & my mind, cleanse & release, & face my day.  Thank you!  I really enjoy your gentle & knowledgeable coaching.  Thank you! [:01:]

Wow! That was such a nice workout, I feel wonderful  :) Thank you Tiziana!

great work out

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