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Tiziana's Rejuvenating Move Class



bellicon Move is an open level class for anyone who wants a relaxing and rejuvenating workout.

Great work out. Thank you for the variety of exercises and the excellent explanations  you gave about  the body at work while we did the exercises!
I look forward to repeating this again and again!  Doing the balance exercises before and after was a real eye opener as well.  So  doing these bouncing
and coordination exercises has an immediate effect on balance and proprioception?  Wow!

Thank you!!!

I used this as my morning wake-up!  Loved it!  Perfectly balanced to use the whole body in a gentle yet very effective way.  Loved the coordination challenge; gentle & slow paced yet challenging.   Coordination is definitely an area I need to work on.  This was a great way for me to wake up my body & my mind, cleanse & release, & face my day.  Thank you!  I really enjoy your gentle & knowledgeable coaching.  Thank you! [:01:]

Wow! That was such a nice workout, I feel wonderful  :) Thank you Tiziana!

great work out

Thank you :)

Excellent.  There’s a bellicon workout for every mood and this suites when you need refreshing and relaxing.  Stretching through the whole body and working on balance and  fine muscle control.  I feel great.  

I want to mention I really appreciate a tip you gave a few videos ago.....About sucking the tongue as a guide to how ‘active’ the core muscles might feel when holding good posture. 

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