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Sarah's Barre + Bounce



Barre and bounce is the perfect balance of strength and cardio. Lean and tone up with this full body workout!

More Barre and Bounce, please!

Love the use of the ball for inner thigh engagement!  Great video!  Thank you!

I can t wait for more I love this, Thank you Sarah

Hi Sarah
I am such a fan of your classes !!!  This workout was awesome!!! I hope you do more barre and bounce and hopefully we can get 45 -60 minute options !!!!

i am coming to Chicago i hope i will catch one of your classes!!!

Can't wait for the next ones .... I'm loving this training. burns the exact right spots ! thanks Sarah[:01:]

Thank you Sarah [:01:] what a great workout...I am definitely looking forward to more of your Barre Bounce classes! You are always creative...and an excellent guide to movement and posture.

Love the pace and the tone of your instruction!  Thank you.

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