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Tiziana's Beginner Osteo Workout



Bounce for bone health with Tiziana in this gentle, bone strengthening workout.

Lovely video on bone health and bouncing.  I am 63 and I have had a life long love of fitness and exercise, both aerobic and weight training.   I was shocked to learn that I have bone loss in my spine.  But, my bone loss has lead me to this gentle,  effective method of health and well-being.  Thank you!  Joanne

Love this gentle, targeted workout. It's a great warmup and way to start the day. Like Nancy said, I would love to see a bit longer, intermediate version. Also love the socks!!

Love the explanations. Hope there are more specific ideas, just for safe bone building! Love your socks!

Thank you very helpful, would be great to see the intermediate workout for bones, best wishes AH

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