Winter Olympian



Get ready for the ice and the slopes with this cross training video for winter sports!

Love this Sarah! I love all of your workouts...Thank you...keep them coming :)

Excellent workout, very challenging!! But for some reason, my workouts are not being logged on my completed activities page anymore... 

I'm wondering if the calorie count might be off.  There's over 3,000 bounces but only 130 calories burned (listed underneath the video).  Either way it doesn't really matter to me.  I enjoyed the last video as I'm a downhill skier and looking forward to doing this one.

Sarah - that was awesome - thank you so much!  I love your workouts!

what a fabulous challenge [:01:] I love your attention to detail....and motivational energy!  I do not think I have any energy left to ski today lol

And I forget the main thing Sarah, what a beautiful and motivating guide you are :)
I am a big fan of your videos. You have so much energy!!!

I have enjoyed it so much. I felt so good afterwards 
I just have a concern with the lunges on the bellicon. I am not sure I do it quite well and can’t see very well your position on the video. I know lunges could lead to injury if done unproperly 

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