Arm Burn + Bounce



Looking for a real upper body burner? If so, this upper body challenge is for you!

I love your workouts and this one is great I get to use my resistance bands too. 

Love working out with you! I’m always feeling the burn the next day...I love it!! Thank you! 

OMG. If I don't look better after this workout I am going to fire   I really loved this.[:08:]

Great workout! Thanks!

Love me a Jeremy workout!  Always the right mix of intensity, coaching inspiration and professionalism.  :)  Might I also say that shirt looks amazing on you.  My goodness.  /swoon

Wow. Great workout. Really appreciate the intensity and the length. Thank you!

I have not bounced for a long time. I have only had this for about ten days or so. Did a lot of cardio and Pilates before now. This was great!! I was able to keep up. Thanks! Will do again!

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