Lite Cardio



Light intermediate cardio workout.

that was a nice workout but the video half way thru started to stop frequently which is very frustrating especially if your crunched on time.
Is there any suggestions on how to stop this?

Nice.  This one just keeps getting better as it goes, love the different shots as the camera pulls away
 and then starts moving around the park.  Really good change up for a relaxing evening with just enough movement for the lymph system.

sollte gut sein morgens zum Aufwachen! Gefällt mir![:01:]

Love this workout.... have had a lot of problems with my back last winter and can't do it with a high level. But this was perfekt, thank you!

Very nice and gentle start in the morning [:01:]

ein sehr angenehmes Training gefällt mir sehr gut und tut mir gut[:01:]

Great workout to end the day as well! 

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