HIIT The Slopes



Get ready for the slopes this season with this High Intensity Interval sequence!

Lots of fun! Thanks

Great workout... But I had a lot of issues playing the video--tons of pauses and delays. I have a new modem and router, so I don't think the issue was on my end.  Just wanted to let your video dept know about this issue, thanks!

très agréable à réaliser merci
very nice to realize thank you

Still awesome!!! Sweated like a maniac. Just what I needed today. Thanks Sarah!

Thanks for the workout! A suggestion: please say at the beginning of your video when you need props (weights, etc) in advance so people can get them before starting.

Love the HIIT style and fun moves!  I wasn’t in the mood at ALL to workout and within minutes I was sweating and so glad i hit the play button.  Great for snow season, but any time of year this will be an awesome workout.  Hey thanks for keeping them short :-). Can’t wait for more, Sarah...

Thank you! We have a vacation ski home and am so thankful to have this video to warm up in advance! I feel fully confident to hit the slopes in top shape. 

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