HIIT The Slopes



Get ready for the slopes this season with this High Intensity Interval sequence!

I loved it but struggled with all the squats as I have no cartridge left behind my right patella.     Any videos like this would be great but with actions for those with bad knees would be brilliant. 

Great workout Sarah! I almost skipped it because it was for skiing and I don't do that, but glad I took a chance. Now I will go back and do the first one. Thanks for that!

Loved it! I would like to see another cardio / running video like Cardio speed drills. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Thank you!

Thank you so much for watching!! Happy bouncing [:06:]

that was perfect! thank you ! 

Sara´s best workout so far for me.  I would love more like these.

Great workout Sarah, felt really balanced in terms of regions of the body incorporated. Keep ‘em coming! Thank you 

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