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All Cardio, All Holiday, Plus a Dog



Join Fayth and her canine friend for an all cardio bounce to get you in the holiday spirit.

Just getting to this holiday workout in Mid-January 2019 but still loved it. Coming to you from north of Boston, MA.  Thanks, Fayth!

Bouncing with you! In Iowa, USA

Bouncing in Boston!! [:01:]

Hello from Romania! I love your workours. Great music room and lovely dog! 
Happy new year! [:01:][:11:]

Hi Faith!  I'm bouncing with you in the Netherlands and my two dogs and two cats are waching me. Hollidays are over but this was a nice workout to keep that relaxed holliday feeling for a while longer 

I did an earlier post, but failed to say that I was in Richmond, Kentucky - south of Lexington, known affectionately as Big Blue Nation!  Never saw a response about how old the baby is.  Enjoyed doing this video workout about six or eight times through to today.  Probably need to move on to something else.

Great workout! 

The mirth of it captures the essence of exercise on the Bellicon- having fun while working out and enhancing health! I really like the variety of moves and using every plane of motion. Love that it begins with a warm up and ends with cool down and stretch. A 20 minute workout fits perfectly in my morning routine. 

The only thing I ask is, “Please make more videos like this one!”

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