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Unwind before Bedtime



A gentle bounce and a few simple moves to help de-stress and relax for a good night's rest.

I love everything about your teaching style.  I go back to your videos again and again, whether I am looking to do a weight loss series around the holiday season, a self-care workout, and thank you for hip strengthening routine with Billy.  Awesome.  Thanks for adding to all my go-to Fayth workouts.  I look forward to all you do.  Would love more 45 minute routines.

Nice. Can you do some "yoga meets trampoline" workout? [:02:]

Love the pre-bedtime routine Fayth, I feel relaxed and being in my pyjamas I can jump straight into bed!
Thank you, Anna

Loved it!

great! soft gentle and relaxing...

Love it, Faith!  I'd also love to see you create a bedtime short meditation bounce.  Thank you!

Wow!  Thank you, Fayth.  

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