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Great , thx

Help Jeremy! The app will not clear this work out and I am unable to go onto the next one in my series. I have emailed them but no response.  If there’s anything you can do have a greatly appreciate it.  Thanks so much!

Jeremy!!!!  I actually feel like I really worked today! I usually do two or three workouts on the Bellicon site, because I never quite feel like I’m doing enough. This was an amazing workout! I think I’m gonna challenge my husband in this one! Thank you so much !

Really great workout! This was my second time through and I can already notice a difference. I still haven't mastered the lunge and jump turn at the end but if I practice it enough, I think I'll get it. Thanks, Jeremy. This is a really good one and the music you're using really helps to stay on tempo.

Funtastic,Jeremy! Thank you! I'd like to extend my gratitude to Arnita and Fayth whose training for the last couple of years has given me the motivation to keep working out!

Hi Bellicon, This is a great workout and I would have loved being able to finish it. The computer started buffering so I adjusted the quality twice. The third time, the popup window came up asking me if I wanted to continue the video. Yes, I did want to but I also still needed to adjust the quality and it wouldn't let me. I was a good 20 minutes into the video so I didn't want to listen to the whole thing over again but if you push fast forward to get back to where you left off, it doesn't get counted. I am frustrated by that. I have fast internet so I'm not sure why there's a problem. Adjusting the quality to a lower number helps but it's not an easy transition back & forth. I LOVE the workout! Thank you, Jeremy.

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