Stamina & Endurance



Sprint, jog, and work on your core with these exercises. This workout is recommended to people with a higher fitness level to increase and hold their level of fitness.

Jeremy...LOVED  IT   More please!!!!

Jeremy...Loved it more please!!!!!

That was twice as long and twice as hard as my current fitness level.  I don't know how it came up in rotation for me in my custom program, but it should not have for at least 2 months from now.

I look forward to trying it when I am more fit.

In the USMC we would call excellence "Outstanding."  This work out was Outstanding!  Thank you!

Great Job Jeremy !!! Always Love Your Workouts!!  Thanks!!!

It was great! Thanks a lot! see you soon![:01:]

In my opinion the best workout I always come back to and complete at least 3 times a week great cardio stamina and exactly the right length love it thank you 

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