Stamina & Endurance



Sprint, jog, and work on your core with these exercises. This workout is recommended to people with a higher fitness level to increase and hold their level of fitness.

I love working out with you Jeremy.  I learned some new moves today. Thanks for sharing these great workouts with us.  
I really appreciate that your directions are so clear and easy to understand.  [:06:]

Very nice! A good change of pace for me.  Two thumbs up.

Great , thx

Help Jeremy! The app will not clear this work out and I am unable to go onto the next one in my series. I have emailed them but no response.  If there’s anything you can do have a greatly appreciate it.  Thanks so much!

Jeremy!!!!  I actually feel like I really worked today! I usually do two or three workouts on the Bellicon site, because I never quite feel like I’m doing enough. This was an amazing workout! I think I’m gonna challenge my husband in this one! Thank you so much !

Really great workout! This was my second time through and I can already notice a difference. I still haven't mastered the lunge and jump turn at the end but if I practice it enough, I think I'll get it. Thanks, Jeremy. This is a really good one and the music you're using really helps to stay on tempo.

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