Stamina & Endurance



Sprint, jog, and work on your core with these exercises. This workout is recommended to people with a higher fitness level to increase and hold their level of fitness.

Super training and a lot of fun ...


super ;-)

hi Jeremy - this is a fantastic exercise. I couldt make all movements like you - only a little bit slower. Realy problems I took with the jumps on one feet (up and down to bellicon. But that seems to be normal (I am 68 years old). 

Very cool and intense workout! I really enjoyed that video!

Very cool and intense training!!! I love that![:11:]

Skipping on a trampoline that I've had for only a week? OK Jeremy, my life passed before my eyes TWICE. I didn't think that was possible at 65 year old. But, I practiced and now I'm a skippin' Bellicon fool. I can't believe I did it.[:06:]

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