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Sarah's HIIT Session



Join Sarah in her newest High Intensity Interval Training circuit for a full body burn.

LOVE this workout!! Would love more like it - the length was perfect!!!!
THANK YOU [:01:]

one of my faves[:06:]

Ha! If you all ever do a blooper reel, I'll send you a video of this old Clydesdale doing burpees.  Seriously, though, another great Sarah workout.  This one's become my "go to" after work to shake off the day.  Right length, good intensity and fun moves. Well played! 

Please Sarah - MORE HIIT!  This workout is awesome and it never gets old for me but would love to see what you give us next! 

Das hat Spaß gemacht! [:06:]

Great, Great, Great Workout!

LOVE this workout! Those burpees are a killer!!!

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